My parcel says delivered, but it isn't here. What do I do?

If your parcel says it's been delivered but you don't have it or it's not where the courier said it is, we will investigate this. Please read this in full and follow the steps set out below to rectify this.

In order for us to start the investigation, we need a declaration form to to be signed and returned to us. The sooner this happens, the sooner we can start the investigation. A declaration form is a legal document that states you don't have the delivery and it is completely missing. We ask that you check with neighbours if it's indicated the delivery is left with one of them and you completely check the area around your property for the parcel.

The investigation includes an internal investigation where we can check numerous systems to help verify your claim and then potentially an investigation with courier. The

courier investigation can take up to 35 days to fully investigate where your parcel went and how it's gone missing once delivered.

Please complete the declaration form by filling in your name, address, postcode, the date the delivery was made/attempted, your order number (our order number beginning either FA or SO) and the tracking number. Without a declaration form we are unable to review your claim for a missing parcel.

You can download the relevant Courier form below - they are available in either Word, PDF or JPEG format for both Yodel and Hermes. If your order was with another courier, then please email us with the same details set out above and we'll investigate.

Please email the declaration form to us at and we'll be in touch once the investigation has been done.