Where is my delivery / order?

You should have had a Text Message & Email confirming your order with us - look out for a text from Footasylum and an email from update@orders.footasylum.com.


The table below shows when you can expect your delivery based on the day of the week you've ordered it. For clarity, the "Order Day" is the day of the week you ordered it.


As an example, if you ordered before our 11pm delivery cut-off time on a Wednesday you can expect your Next Day Delivery on a Thursday or your Standard Delivery at the earliest on the Friday but it could be up to the following Tuesday.




As you can probably guess, at this time of year we can be very busy. If your latest delivery date hasn't passed, we won't have an update on where your parcel is. You can track the status of your parcel by following the links sent to you by your courier when we dispatched it.