I've returned my faulty goods to one of your Stores, but the Manager doesn't agree that there is a fault, what can I do?

You can return your item as faulty, not as described or not of satisfactory quality within 30 days of receiving it.

Please bear in mind that if you wish to do that then we will reserve the right to inspect it. This can be done in Store or by returning it to us. If, upon inspection, we don't consider the item to be faulty, not as described or if we feel it is of satisfactory quality then we will return it to you.

Our Store Managers have great experience in this field so we believe in their judgement. You can, however, leave your item in store for an Area Manager to check it if you wish. If an Area Manager deems it not be faulty also then the last option for you is to return it to us using the returns procedure. Our returns department will review it in that case and if it is deemed faulty you'll receive a refund. If not, we'll notify you and return it to you at your cost.

If in the first 6 months since you received the goods you feel it develops a fault, we'll inspect it, as above, to see if it is faulty. After 6 months has passed, it's up to you to prove it has a fault if you'd like us to consider a return on the item.

If we accept it is faulty then the returns policy applies, however you won't be charged for the return.