My Delivery is late, lost or not where I was told it had been left.

Let's address these separately for you -

Late Delivery

If your delivery is late then that doesn't mean it's not coming. Please check your update from your courier as often it will show that a delivery was attempted, they're having trouble finding you or there's been a problem outside of their control.

If your delivery is late (e.g. you ordered Next Day and it didn't arrive next day, not they said by 3pm and it came after 3pm, for clarity 😉) then we will refund your delivery charge. Just email us, don't wait on Livechat or Whatsapp. We'll do it as soon as we pick it up (which is about 24 hours later usually).

Lost Delivery

If you delivery is lost your tracking will say it's lost. If that's the case we'll be happy to send another or offer a refund. Just get in contact with us here and we'll make that happen. 

Parcel isn't where I was told it would be

If you've been told your parcel is in a safe place or with a neighbour and it's not there then please check thoroughly for the parcel before getting in touch.

When you make us aware your parcel is lost we will need 48 hours to investigate it. We'll then come back to you on whether we can replace the order or, if not for any reason, if you'd like us to start an investigation with the courier. That can take up to 35 days to complete thoroughly.

If you claim for a lost parcel you will be expected to sign a legal document called a declaration form before we replace it. Please don't take offence when asked and the sooner you complete it and return it, the sooner we can get things sorted. We hope you understand.